On Europe Day (9 May) the European Cultural Foundation will present four outstanding laureates with the 2017 ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture: writer and journalist Aslı Erdoğan (Istanbul), writer and scholar Navid Kermani (Cologne), musician Luc Mishalle (Brussels), and visual artist Marina Naprushkina (Berlin). All of the laureates are committed to striking a chord with people who do not necessarily agree with them—to question presumptions, to listen— and they challenge us to do the same. Together, these four extraordinary individuals bring an incredible richness to the European cultural landscape. They embody exemplary cultural responses to today’s urgencies and show how culture is a vital part of the conversation to create tomorrow’s societies. Learn more about the laureates and the Award.

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Inspired by Wolfgang Tillmans' anti-Brexit campaign, Dutch designers Jop van Bennekom and Geert Jonkers have adapted his posters for the elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany. The campaign's focus is the protection of the EU against the current wildfire of political negativity.

ECF joins this campaign which wants to tackle the illusions which the enemies of the EU promote and propagate. Cooperation amongst the citizens of all EU member states is the key to our future peace and prosperity. We too believe in the common ground between our countries. And we too think this is the time for action. Vote for whatever party, but don’t vote down the EU. Now is the time to raise awareness and to protect what has protected us, and our values, for so long. Learn more.

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“I urge funds to direct their money not only to tangible projects but also on changing perceptions of refugees in the Netherlands. All too often, refugees are seen as a threat to society instead of as assets.” 

Rien van Gendt is Deputy Chair of the ECF Board and Vice President of ECF, and a fellow of the Major Alliance. He recently gave a speech highlighting the importance of investing in the children of refugees and of taking on a long-term approach focussing on potential rather than deficits. You can read his speech in our Library.