[...] the requirements of cultural policy workers in the Arab region are different from those of their international counterparts. Considering the instability of many countries in the region (Syria, Iraq and Yemen, among others), the right to culture has received much less attention than the right to life.

In this interview, we talk to Mourad Kadiri (Morocco) – a key cultural player in the MENA region and contributor to the World CP – about his work, ambitions, challenges and vision for the future of cultural policy in his country.

We are very happy to partner with ENCATC for the Young Researchers' Forum on 16 December in Brussels.

For its 9th edition, the Forum will focus on MENA region - Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. It will also experiment for the first time a new format that we believe will give a unique opportunity to the invited researchers to enhance their own skills by being challenged by experienced researchers, academics and practitioners and at the same time gain visibility in an international context.

You can learn more about the programme, practical information and registration from our events page

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Connected Action for the Commons, our European-wide network of cultural organisations accelerating the movement of the commons in Europe has prepared the statement "Culture and the Commons" urging European decision-makers to embed culture as an important perspective and practice contributing to the commons in their policy deliberations. The meeting in the European Parliament, in cooperation with the EP intergroup on Common Goods and Public Services, and part of the European Commons Assembly, takes place on 16 November and will be streamed on this channel.

You can download a PDF of the Statement: Culture and the Commons, in our Library