The 2015 ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture will be presented to Athens Biennale (Athens) and Visual Culture Research Center (Kiev) in Brussels on 31 March 2015.

Idea Camp: meet the 25 R&D grantees and get a glimpse of the ideas they are developing. 

Following up on the first ECF Idea Camp that took place in Marseille in October 2014, the 50 participants – the Idea Makers  - were invited to further develop their ideas on engaging people in re-defining and shaping public space and submit a proposal for a Research and Development (R&D) Grant. We have now published short descriptions of the 25 proposals that have been awarded an R&D grant of up to 10.000 EUR each. 


TANDEM 'Dialogue for Change'
28 organisations have been selected to be part of the main phase of 'Dialogue for Change', the new TANDEM programme launched in 2014 to support cultural organisations building cross-border partnerships between Ukraine and EU. This process follows the Partner Forum in Lviv in November 2014, where 20 Ukrainian cultural change makers met up with 20 of their EU-based counterparts.  

The group will meet in Germany from 11 to 15 February to officially kick-off their collaboration with workshops in Berlin and a cultural programme in Leipzig. 


    from our library

    We just published the book 12 Impossibles: Stories by Rebellious Arab Writers, by translator Srpko Leštarić, collecting forbidden, censored or harshly criticised stories by contemporary Arab writers: Abdulah Hakam, Idris al-Saghir, Mohammed Mesud al-Ajami, Abdul Sattar Nassir, Adil Kamil, Hadiya Hussein, Zakariyya Tamir, Fakhri Qaawar, Salwa Bakr.  

    These stories collected over a period of 12 years are accompanied by descriptions about the fate of the authors, their texts, and the art of translating from Arabic. It is now available in an English translation by Edward Alexander.