"Although it’s true that xenophobia is spreading in some countries, and politicians are trying to take advantage of it, it’s also impressive to see the spontaneous informal groups that appeared in our cities and started working on the migrants' issues, learning complex laws to offer legal support, finding solutions for housing, building networks, deciding sometime to act beside legality in respect of their belief and to what they think that Europe should be." 

We talk with R&D grantee Federico Brivio about his idea: QX1 Migrants, creating a participative information-sharing platform, in multiple languages, based on migrants needs and experiences. Read more.


We have started researching the themes of Culture, Refuge and Europe for a book to be published next spring on the occasion of the Idea Camp. ECF firmly believes that cultural practices hold the seeds of a more caring and just Europe. Therefore we have created a new, dedicated Lab on ECF Labs where we invite you to collect, connect, discuss, and share inspiring cultural initiatives from across Europe that explore ways of living together.

Please join us in our journey and share your links, writings, stories, images and thoughts. We hope that this new Lab will become, over time, a 'refuge' for anyone willing to involve in discussion about the future of Europe. Join the 'Culture & Refuge in Europe' Lab


from our library


The idea, Atlas of Urban Commons Charters, was presented at the Idea Camp 2015 by Frederic Sultan (Remix the Commons, France) and received an ECF R&D grant. Frederic's colleague Nicole Leonard was at the World Social Forum in Montreal this past August, where for the first time a “permanent” space was dedicated to the subject of the commons.  

In this short report, Commoning at the World Social Forum, Nicole shares her insights on the event, accompanied by Sylvia Fredriksson's photographs.