We are happy to announce the ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture laureates for 2016: theatre-makers and community developers Krétakör (Budapest, Hungary) and citizen laboratory for digital culture Medialab-Prado (Madrid, Spain). 

15 Years in the Neighbourhood: Ivan Krastev in conversation with Philipp Dietachmair, we take Another Europe as our starting point for a fascinating conversation between one of Europe’s most respected political scientists, Ivan Krastev, and ECF Programme Manager Philipp Dietachmair, who has been running our neighbourhood programmes for more than 10 years. We have divided the interview into five parts and invite you to dive into one every week until 16 February, to allow a deeper look and time for reflection on the history of the role of culture in the larger European project. Read Part 1: Looking Back, Part 2: Identity Politics and Part 3: A Common Ground Across Geographies now. 

Photo of Ivan Krastev ©Marcin Kalinski/PAP


Tandem Community & Participation (C&P) 2016-2017: Call for Cultural Managers is now open to applicants based in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK. Deadline to apply: Sunday, 28 February 2016.

The Tandem programme supports long-term cooperation, knowledge development and networking opportunities between cultural managers across the EU and beyond. Tandem C&P focuses on cultural organisations working in the field of community arts, voluntary or amateur arts and (non-formal) arts education, with a focus on citizens’ inclusion and active participation in local arts & culture and community life. Apply now

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Over the last few weeks a lot attention has been drawn to the dire situation Poland’s critical and cultural groups have been found themselves in after the landslide election victory of the PIS, where our Connected Action for the Commons hub Krytyka Polityczna operates and uses their various channels to give an insight in the struggles active citizens encounter in the new illiberal democracies.

In the article The Dissenting Voice of Poland’s Intelligentsia, Dutch weekly magazine Groene Amsterdammer's Thijs Kleinpaste puts Krytyka Polityczna in a historical perspective. 

Photo ©Marta Modzelewska