"...in order to recreate constantly the world, we need to cooperate, we need to work together. There is no other way." 

Silke Helfrich is an author and independent activist of the Commons and is founding member of Commons Strategies Group as well as the editor of several books on the Commons. On 23 April, she will give the keynote speech at ECF's Towards a European 'Mienskip': A Public Debate about the Future of Citizens in Europe. 

DEBATE: 23 April, Leeuwarden: Towards a European ‘Mienskip’: A Public Debate about the Future of Citizens in Europe.

Representatives of citizens’ initiatives from Liverpool, Madrid, Bologna and Friesland will share their thoughts and experiences, using different ideas to breathe new life into the notion of democracy and to imagine a future for Europe, as a European ‘Mienskip’ (which means ‘community’ in Frisian).  Join us.  


from our library

ECF, Kunsten ’92 and Buma Stemra have issued a letter, endorsed by Europa Nostra and European Alternatives that will be discussed at the Tweede Kamer at the Culture Committee on 30 April 2015 as part of the next Council meeting on Culture. 

In addition, in the frame of the Latvian Presidency of the EU, ECF has also signed a letter issued by a European research alliance. You can download both letters from our Library.