On 23 > 25 October we will be in Marseille for our very first Idea Camp. Stay tuned for more updates here and on our social media channels.


Meet the six hubs of our networked programme of Connected Action for Public Space. All work on establishing and advocating for a new set of democratic best practices in Europe for cultural organisations to engage with communities and culture. Together we have developed our first Idea Camp (23 > 25/10, Marseille). 

The hubs are: Culture 2 Commons (Croatia), Les Têtes de l’Art (France), Oberliht (Moldova) Platoniq (Spain), Krytyka Polityczna (Poland) and Subtopia, Sweden.  


Between 23 and 25 October takes place ECF's very first Idea Camp, bringing together cultural changemakers from more than 23 countries across Europe and beyond in a three-day exchange of ideas to help rethink people’s place in public space. 

Watch the event trailer, get to know the speakers, the hubs and the participants on the Idea Camp 2014 webpage, from where you will also be able to watch the live streaming. We hope to see you all online or face to face in Marseille! 

from our library

"The Tandem Cultural Managers Exchange programme is unique, because the funders walk with you, they treat you as peers and want to learn from you. You get an enormous amount of freedom to experiment, with guidance on finding a clear sense of direction."  

Watch the video testimonies of participants, including Sandra Hall (Friction Arts, UK), Sally Locket (Flo-Culture - Gateshead, UK) and Guido Bosua (De Vak, NL).