As the Syria in Transit exhibition opens its doors in London, we feature British producer Jon Davis and Turkish photographer Kemal Vural Tarlan. The exhibition by the two TANDEM participants reveals through photography, sound and video, the hope and desperation of the lives lived in transit, capturing the stories of Syrians remaining on the edge of war in Turkey and those attempting the dangerous journey across Europe to the UK.  


Between 28 and 31 August, our Networked Programme partner Krytyka Polityczna / Political Critique is hosting the Central Eastern European Meeting in Cieszyn, Poland.

Looking at the post-communist transition of states in the region, participants will trace the development of said states during the last 25 years and look at ways of addressing the issues facing them today. Other members of the Networked Programme, from Oberliht and Culture 2 Commons, will also join.

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Enabling Crossovers – In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, The Netherlands and Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) presents a new publication illustrating 36 good practices in the creative industries across Asia and Europe.

This inspiring publication features ECF’s Tandem Cultural Managers Exchange programme.