Claudia Luciani is the Director of Democratic Governance at the Council of Europe. ECF spoke to her about the Indicator Framework for Culture and Democracy (IFCD) and why it is a remarkable advocacy tool for anyone in the cultural sector who wants to strengthen democracy and a culture of democracy across Europe and the EU Neighbourhood.

The IFCD is a tool for assessing and optimising cultural policies on the basis of reliable, comparative data and for examining links between culture and democracy within and among the 47 CoE Member States. 

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Photo from the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme website.

ECF is partnering with the New York Times Athens Democracy Forum which takes place from 13-17 September 2017.

Join leading policy makers, cultural thinkers and business leaders to define and tackle the critical questions about the world at this moment. We are at a remarkable crossroads in history, where recent events are challenging the arc of progress and prosperity and upending fundamental beliefs about globalization and the enduring nature of democracy.

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We need to co-make our cities together: institutions collaborating with local people.

The new report Co-Making the City: Ideas from the Innovative City Development meeting presents ideas on how to do this based on the collaborative thinking of city makers who attended the Innovative City Development meeting in Madrid in March 2017. ECF hopes these ideas can inspire more confidence in co-city-making between institutions and citizens.

In July 2017 this report was presented to the attendees of the International Association for the Study of the Commons conference, highlighting case studies and experiences on city-making.