Members of the ECF team.

Members of the ECF team.

Teatro Valle Occupato have been given an ultimatum to leave Rome's oldest theatre by 31 July 2014. ECF extends full solidarity to the Teatro Valle Occupato, who received the ECF Princess Margriet Award this year, and to its Foundation for the Commons. The engagement of many of Rome's citizens and cultural workers legitimised the theatre as a common cultural resource, and as one of the most remarkable example of bottom-up involvement in culture in Italy and Europe today. A press conference and a public assembly took place on 29 July. 

We are relieved and overjoyed by the news that Sherif Farag, TANDEM Shaml participant, academic and activist, has been released from detention after being held 246 days without trial. In addition to being a promising young academic, Sherif is a celebrated activist for architectural standards and heritage preservation in Alexandria. He is the co-founder of the Save Alexandria Initiative, which aims at preserving the city’s architectural heritage. 

The European Commission has adopted the policy ‘Towards an integrated approach to cultural heritage for Europe’. As a member of the European Heritage Alliance 3.3, ECF is very pleased with this achievement and congratulates the EC and the other members of the Alliance for this new major step forward in developing a comprehensive EU strategy for the protection and enhancement of Europe's shared cultural heritage. 

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The summer’s in full swing. For most of us, it’s a time of brief respite before the intense activity of the autumn months. The long summer days are also a good opportunity to reflect, review and consider future opportunities. So we've published a special issue of our eZine to highlight some of the latest publications we’ve added to our Library. We hope this thought-provoking selection might offer you inspiration over the summer months. Happy reading!