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ECF and the Holland Festival are partners for the next three years. The Holland Festival is the biggest international performing arts festival in The Netherlands. A highlight of the festival programme is the ‘urban opera’ ein tag und eine stunde in urbo kune.

Join us on 6 June for this 25-hour long ‘urban opera’ by Klangforum Wien. In collaboration with a select group of movers and shakers, they will present Urbo Kune, the utopian capital of the United States of Europe, through a combination of concert, conference, film, installation and research laboratory. 


from our library

ESSAY - Teatro Valle Occupato was awarded the ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture (PMA) in 2014. The jury recognised Teatro Valle Occupato for the group’s collective energy in making culture a space for people to join in – a space where culture becomes a process that produces new values and forms of social life.  

We invite you to read the essay An unprecedented experiment in political economy and participatory democracy:  The Teatro Valle experience and its legacies, by Massimiliano Mollona.