Celebrating the partnership between ECF, the Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the Nexus Institute, which will start in 2015, we are proud to feature Rob Riemen.

As founder and president, Rob Riemen has a key role in the activities of the Nexus Institute. He is also the author of Nobility of Spirit. A Forgotten Ideal (2008) and The Eternal Return of Fascism (2010). We invite you to read a brief profile of Rob Riemen along with a short interview. 


Beyond the Nation State - Cultures make Europe; Historic speech to Europe: Denis de Rougemont, 6/11 at BOZAR, Brussels. 

How relevant are the ideas of Denis de Rougemont on the role of Europe as a political and cultural project today, in light of the dramatic rise in nationalism in Europe these last few years? Celebrating its 60th anniversary, ECF will put in the spotlight a historical speech by Denis de Rougemont, ECF’s founding father to be read by Raymond Georis, former Director of ECF. 

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The Idea Camp: 50 ideas, 23 countries and 3 days to rethink the place of people in public space.

During the Idea Camp, we have worked with local citizen media O2Zone TV, Le Ravi, Fréquence Mistral and TV du 3ème. We are hosting the content they have created in the Idea Camp section of our Library. Check out the event's page for an overview of all the articles, videos and images they have created, in French and in English.