The 2015 ECF Princess Margriet Award will be presented to Athens Biennale (Athens) and Visual Culture Research Center (Kiev) in Brussels on 31 March 2015.

“Culture is not just external manifestations of creativity – art, architecture, books,
education, music, science, theatre and so on – vital as they are - it is also intrinsic to how
we frame ourselves as human beings and how we value each other. ”

— Raymond Georis

In this interview, Raymond Georis looks back at ECF's 60th anniversary year to reflect on its contribution to enabling an ‘open, democratic, creative and inclusive Europe’, as well as looking at the changing context of Europe’s place in the world, both then and now. 


The European Cultural Foundation staff and board members have issued a joint statement condemning the violent attack on Charlie Hebdo. 

“Our thoughts are with the loved ones left behind and we are even more convinced about respecting the core European value of freedom (of expression), which recent events have shown we sadly cannot take for granted.”

— HRH Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, President of ECF

    from our library

    We just published the book 12 Impossibles: Stories by Rebellious Arab Writers, by translator Srpko Leštarić, collecting forbidden, censored or harshly criticised stories by contemporary Arab writers: Abdulah Hakam, Idris al-Saghir, Mohammed Mesud al-Ajami, Abdul Sattar Nassir, Adil Kamil, Hadiya Hussein, Zakariyya Tamir, Fakhri Qaawar, Salwa Bakr.  

    These stories collected over a period of 12 years are accompanied by descriptions about the fate of the authors, their texts, and the art of translating from Arabic. It is now available in an English translation by Edward Alexander.