Watch the full documentary of Telling the Baltic, a project funded in 2013.


Over the past 60 years, we have brought together ideas, knowledge and experience to maximise the impact of culture across wider Europe, both through our activities and through our grants programmes. Our goal is to support and bring new ideas and inspired visions to diverse audiences across different countries in Europe and beyond. 

The 2013 call for Collaboration Grants was aligned with our strategic focus for the next four years – Connecting Culture, Communities and Democracy. We supported projects (12 collaboration grants from Greece to Latvia) that – by working transnationally and cross-sectorally – present a fresh and more sustainable picture of Europe.

Between now and 2016, we will work through a networked approach, aiming to connect local cultural change-makers, raising awareness of their creative potential to generate new social, environmental, economic and democratic models through their cultural practices.

We will issue an online open call to cultural organisations to submit innovative ideas to address Europe-wide issues. A selection of applicants from a variety of sectors and countries will be invited to attend an Idea Camp - a meeting and working place with opportunities to network, find new partners for collaborative projects, develop ideas and take part in training. After the event, participants can then submit proposals (with their newly established collaboration partners) for the research and development of concrete projects (R&D Grants).


We are currently developing this open call and we expect to invite submissions in the second half of 2014.

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We have funded a vast array of collaborative projects. You can browse grants project videos, audio, books and reports as well as download the full list of Collaboration Grants that were awarded funding  from our Library.

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