Let your idea grow in a collaborative environment.

ECF’s Idea Camp is a place where you can:

  • investigate and develop your ideas
  • exchange knowledge and find new collaborations
  • inspire and connect with other practitioners from different sectors,  working with culture and communities
  • explore and imagine new democratic alternatives



Applications are now closed for the Idea Camp 2015. We were delighted to receive 400 applications in response to our “Build the City” open call. The 50 selected ideas have been chosen by ECF and our advisors.

The Idea Camp is founded on the principles of free and open culture. Participants should be prepared to share their ideas in development with a wider audience and to take part in public discussions.

The selected applicants are invited to ECF's second annual Idea Camp, which takes place in Sweden from 23-25 September. The Idea Camp is being developed in collaboration with the six Networked Programme hubs: Subtopia - (co-hosts, Sweden), Culture 2 Commons (Alliance Operation CityClubture NetworkRight to the City - Croatia), Les Tetes de L'Art (France), Oberliht (Moldova), Platoniq (Spain), Political Critique (Poland). Participants in the Idea Camp will have the opportunity to work with the hubs and benefit from their expertise in relation to the Commons and the role of culture and communities in democracy. After the Idea Camp, participants can submit proposals for the research and development of concrete projects (R&D Grants).

The theme for this year’s Idea Camp is Build the City. 

Build the City is about people creating sustainable cities through social cooperation and active participation with culture at its heart. It is about applying the principles and ethics of the commons to the transformation of the city, its communities and its economy.

More than urban environments, ‘The City’ can also refer to a neighbourhood or community where people are working together through cultural activities to shape their environments, improve their common life and develop new social and economic relationships. 

Join our dedicated Lab related to the wider discourse around culture, communities and democracy and the Commons, where you can meet and talk with a wider community about these related topics.

To find out more about last year’s Idea Camp and Idea Makers browse through the archive material in our Library, accessible from the Idea Camp 2014 page.


The Idea Camp would not be possible without our Networked Programme partners:


Over the past 60 years, we have brought together ideas, knowledge and experience to maximise the impact of culture across wider Europe, both through our activities and through our grants programmes. Our goal is to support and bring new ideas and inspired visions to diverse audiences across different countries in Europe and beyond. 

In 2013 we issued a call for Collaboration Grants that was aligned with our strategic focus for the next four years – Connecting Culture, Communities and Democracy. We supported projects (12 collaboration grants from Greece to Latvia) that – by working transnationally and cross-sectorally – present a fresh and more sustainable picture of Europe.  We no longer run Collaboration Grants. For an overview of projects supported under our Collaboration Grants until 2013, please visit our Library.

Between now and 2016, we will work through a networked approach, aiming to connect local cultural change-makers, raising awareness of their creative potential to generate new social, environmental, economic and democratic models through their cultural practices.


We have funded a vast array of collaborative projects. You can browse grants project videos, audio, books and reports as well as download the full list of Collaboration Grants that were awarded funding  from our Library.

Have you received a grant from us? See our guidelines about how to acknowledge our support and download ECF's logo. If you are using social media to promote your project, don't hesitate to tag us on Twitter and Facebook in any relevant posts. We would be happy to help you spread the word about your project through our networks too. You can also always inform our grants administrator Esther Claassen by e-mail.

Have a look at our other two grants schemes: