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Please tell us who you are

We are based in Amsterdam and work across wider Europe.

Whether you represent an organisation or a business, whether you are an independent cultural actor, an activist or an artist, a policy-maker, a researcher, or an individual who is passionate about culture, we want to hear from you.

  • If you are looking for content to use in your work or are writing about ECF and doing research, visit our Library with its rich selection of books, essays, videos, comics, audio.
  • Our Press Room is also available for journalists. 
  • Setting up a project with partners across Europe? Check if you are eligible for one of our grants or our Tandem cultural managers exchange programme.
  • Find out more about our latest advocacy activities to learn how we are connecting policy and practice. 
  • Join ECF labs, our online community focusing on arts and culture, where you can share views, news and projects.
  • We welcome new partners and friends. Find out how you can support our work so we can build projects together. 

Meet our team of international professionals, see who is working on which project and get in touch with us to find out more about our work.  Please use the contact form so we can direct you to the right member of our team. You can also call us at +31 (0)20 573 38 68. 


Strategic Team

Katherine Watson
(CA/FI) Director

Additional roles, see Declaration of Responsabilities (p. 6)

Enrica Flores d'Arcais
(DE/IT) Head of Business Development and Communications

Isabelle Schwarz
(DE/FR) Head of Advocacy, R&D and Knowledge Management


Programme managers & project officers


Maite García Lechner
(ES/NL) Programme Manager, Grants & Connected Action for the Commons

Vivian Paulissen
(NL) Knowledge Manager, Doc Next NetworkConnected Action for the Commons

Philipp Dietachmair
(AT) Programme Manager, Tandem Cultural Managers Exchange, Research & Development


Nicola Mullenger
(GB) Programme Officer, Connected Action for the Commons  


Szilvia Kochanowski
(HU) Programme Officer, Connected Action for the Commons

Alicja Paszek
(DE/PL) Grants Manager

empty staff.jpeg

Olga Alexeeva
(NL/RU) Output Coordinator, Connected Action for the Commons

Lore Gablier
(FR) Programme Officer, Connected Action for the Commons

Menno Weijs (NL) Portfolio Holder

Menno Weijs
(NL) Project Manager, Doc Next NetworkConnected Action for the Commons

empty staff.jpeg

Jenneken Aarssen
Project Manager Tandem 


Marjolein Cremer
(NL) Senior Advocacy Officer

empty staff.jpeg

Tsveta Andreeva
(BG) Senior R&D Officer

Helena Rytilahti
(FI) Project Officer, Grants

Communications & ECF Labs


Lise Mathol  
(NL) Senior Communications Officer

Susanne Mors
(DE) Senior Communications Officer

empty staff.jpeg

Maria Virto Marcilla
(ES) Funding and Partnerships Manager

Malka Jonas
(DE) Project Officer Communications


Friso Wiersum
(NL) Project Officer Communications

Marjo Borsboom
(NL) Communications Assistant


Gianfranco Pooli
(IT) Programme Manager, ECF Labs


Gunilla Redelius
(SE) Online Community Management, ECF Labs

Finance, Personnel, Administration


Kati Visser-Telegdi
(NL/HU) Executive Secretary

ECF Staff 27.jpg

Barbara van Santen
(NL) Office Manager

Hans Peter Christen
(NL) Manager Finance


Jan Baas
(NL) Facility Manager


Pim Heijselaar
(NL) Assistant Controller 

Esther Claassen
(NL) Administrator


Gillian Wijnhoven
(GB) Manager HR & Facilities

Aleid Verkruisen
(NL) Administrative Assistant