Meet the Grantees

Meet some of the #DemocracyNeedsImagination grantees; welcome into the world of new voters - young people who can cast their vote for the very first time, or new to the ballot box because they never ever got the chance to vote until now.


your vote matters

In May this year, you will be able to cast your vote in the European Parliament elections. We invite you to vote - because we believe that you should have a voice in how the European Union will be shaped for future generations. We invite you to vote as the European Union is far from perfect – there is a great deal of work to do. We invite you to vote as Europe needs reforms that put people and our planet first.


Parliaments of the European Union: book launch

Our head of advocacy Isabelle Schwarz spoke at the book launch of the photography book “Parliaments of the European Union” by Nico Bick. Read her speech.