New director




ECF’s new director, André Wilkens, introduces himself: “I am a child of Europe, and like many of us, I have my very own personal European history. I have experienced Europe, have travelled it extensively. There were problems and crises, there were detours and flaws: such is life. (...) This Europe, imperfect as it is, is the best thing we have built in the last centuries.”

Our very first STEP travel grants webinar is coming up on 22 January. In one hour, we will talk about the best strategy for your application, point out common mistakes that you should avoid, and share tips and tricks. We will address specific questions about Step Travel Grants criteria and eligibility, how we handle an incoming application, and go through all the steps of applying. And of course, it will all be live and you will get the chance to ask us all your burning questions!



Refugees have arrived in Europe, but they haven’t yet entered the public sphere. When they do, it is as characters in other people’s stories.

But all across Europe, individuals and collectives of journalists, filmmakers, cultural professionals, activists, teachers and researchers are trying to break through the power structures. Learn about the practices and methodologies of the nine organisations of #DisplacedinMedia.