The results of the European Parliament elections are in. Continue reading to find out how our #DemocracyNeedsImagination grantees helped shape the European debate.

Let’s keep this momentum, and let’s keep on working for a better and fairer Europe where everyone has a voice. After all, democracy needs all of us imaging new futures!

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Our director André Wilkens on the lead up to the European Parliament elections, the nascent public debate and the role of culture in further shaping European identities.


Democracy needs imagination

An overview listing all the #DemocracyNeedsImagination grantees. We are happy to present you these initiatives, ranging from local voter turn out campaigns to pan-European media campaigns. Click through and find out how you could be supporting them too.


Annual Magazine 2018

Our magazine to accompany the 2018 Annual Report, with interviews, essays and other great stories from our networks. With contributions by: Ivan Krastev, Vasilena Radeva, Fié Neo, Rien van Gendt, Igor Stokfiszewski, Filip Zielinski, Nesrine Malik and our staff members.