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With the first round of our Democracy Needs Imagination call, we were looking for ideas, projects, and experiments that breathe new life into European democracy, in the run up to the European Parliament elections. This round closed April 23 2019.

A second round opened on September 9 and closed on September 27.

Projects funded in the first round

Media | Education

LARP for a European Community, by Hellenic Youth Participation, Greece
Targeting young people in Athens to raise their awareness on the topic of the European Parliament elections and underline the significance of voting between each other and their peers.

Citizen | Elections | Campaigns

2. Designing Democracy, by YENİDÜZEN, Cyprus
The national newspaper will promote democracy in Cyprus by encouraging Turkish Cypriots to vote and three-fold the percentage of voter turn out in the elections on 26 May 2019.

3. A pen for Europe to ACT, REACT, IMPACT, by Louvranges Broadcast, Belgium
TV producer Louvranges teams up with RTBF (French speaking national Belgian public broadcaster) to tackle the existing prejudices about the European elections and provide concrete information about the role of the European Parliament.

4. Me For You, by Stefan Prohorov, Bulgaria
Me for You” is a site-specific performance parody of Bulgarian political rallies, which normally consist of free food, a concert and some intimidating security -  it will the challenge the political rhetoric in Bulgaria by using artistic tools and a fake political campaign.

5. Now the Citizens, by Meer Democratie, The Netherlands
Experienced campaigners are set to get input from the general public on bettering the course of the EU, by asking citizens what the tasks are and competences the EU should or should not have.

6. ProposalsforEurope - Voulez-vous voter avec moi? by Tadel Verpflichtet e.V, Germany
Renowned activist Paulina Frohlich and her group mobilize young people between 16-30 years out to vote for the European elections using a social media kissing/voting game.

7. Women Care – Women Vote, by Forum 50% o.p.s, Czech Republic
The principal objective of the project is to increase turnout of young women in EP elections 2019 in the Czech Republic by a thought-out-out flash mobbing campaign.

8. Tu Was Fur Europa, Germany
The campaign #myEurope flag launched on 9 May 2019 and kick-started a series of interventions designed by the applicant, and its’ partners (Scholz & Friends, REWE Germany and Allianz Kultur Stiftung).

9. Vote now, argue later, by Keep it Complex – Make it Clear, UK
Keep it Complex- Make it Clear” launched a European-wide networked campaign in the run up to the European Elections with the message: Vote now, argue later!

10. The Future is Europe aka #EUSupergirlTour, by Madeleina Kay, UK
Madeleina Kay encourages people to vote in the up-coming EU elections by touring the EU27 countries as “EU Supergirl” to push the message to vote for pro-EU parties in the elections #TheFutureIsEurope.

11. Voting for Values, by De Balie, The Netherlands
Voting for Values encourages voter turnout in the elections in all EU member states through inspiring debates with historian Timothy Garton Ash, author Géraldine Schwarz and philosopher Raphaël Enthoven.

12. Another Europe is Possible, UK
A civic society group lobbying for a positive case for the EU in the British public sphere with narration, education and dialogue. They will publish podcasts and do live debates in Amsterdam and Berlin.

13. Hart boven Hard, by De Goede Zaak, The Netherlands
The organization mobilizes Dutch communities in voting for the European Parliament elections with a manifesto and event in Utrecht on 19 May. De Goede Zaak represents 20 progressive NGO’s in the Netherlands.

14. More influence for the voter, by Mohammed Bouhdoud, The Netherlands
Mohammed Boudoud will mobilise the Dutch Moroccan community to vote in the European Parliament elections through events and campaigning.

15. Vote together, by Between Bridges, Germany
Wolfgang Tillman’s organization is heading up a pan-European campaign to get people to vote in the European elections using fun photography and multi-lingual fashion campaigning.

16. #ProveThemWrong, by Stichting Are We Europe, The Netherlands
Prove Them Wrong is a decentralized, neutral, open-source and horizontal youth vote campaign, officially launched in the Netherlands, in February 2019.

17. EscapeFake: de-bunking fake news about the European Parliamentary, by Polycular, Austria
Using an escape room scenario they are co-design an interactive experience with teenagers. They will de-mystify common misconceptions and debunk false information spread online and offline.

Art |Debate

18. Europe Talks, by Zeit Online, Germany
ZEIT Online has joined forces with 15 European media outlets in launching Europe Talks, a platform bringing together thousands of Europeans with divergent political views from across Europe for face-to-face debates in Brussels on May 11th. Access media coverage via this link.

Projects after the European Parliament elections

Media | Education

19. In Europe Schools, by VPRO, The Netherlands
A public broadcaster from the Netherlands is building on their previous socially engaged programming on Europe, this time with youth, and will air later in 2019.

The Europeans, by Katy Lee, France
The podcast platform presents ’europeness’ in an easy narrative format that is very popular. 

Citizen | Elections | Campaigns

21. Scotland in Europe, by Effie Samara, UK
This grant funds the launch of a Citizen’s Assembly in Edinburgh’s Parliament on 23 May and the curation of the assembly during 2019 on citizen rights issues.

22. Narratives & Framing Project, by WeMove, Germany
This grant enables the team to consider how to test, use and develop narratives in a long-term work to shape the future of Europe as civil society.

23. Creating Space for Democracy, Literally, by the Institute of Urban Politics, Serbia
The creation of policy recommendations for municipalities throughout Serbia on how to activate empty spaces and use this kind of infrastructure for democratic development of communities.

24. Democracy needs imagination! Imagination needs care!, by Commonspolis Association, Spain
In order to reinforce the impact and replicability of new practices of the culture of care in European movements Commonspolis Association will produce a toolkit that gathers tools and methodologies to reflect, reinforce and renew a culture of care.

Art | Debate

25. Stockhausen Sin {x} II, by Stichting Holland Festival, The Netherlands
The annual Holland Festival brings the artist Actress (alias Darren Cunningham) – a British electronic/techno musician - who will be performing Stockausen Sin {x} II which is designed to bring an experience on democracy, parliamentary love and communication, to a young audience.

In Novo Vangelo – The New Gospel, by IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder, Germany
The IIPM - International Institute of Political Murder was founded Milo Rau and produces theatre, and films with socially charged-themes, this work explores what role does salvation in the world today.

European Songbook, by Goethe-Institute, Norway
The songbook project charms Europeans to contribute a short essay based on a loved song. Goethe-Institute attracts citizens to transform their personal stories into stories and music to share with a global audience.

EU2019:target democracy, by Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, Italy
The Foundation plans a series of talks and artistic events to reflect on the meaning of being citizens today, entitled About a city. Re-thinking Cities.

29. Building an influencer network of independent comedians improving social awareness, by Oditech-Studio Kft./Kraftwork, Hungary
Kraftwork will produce a series of humoristic videos (working with comedians) to raise awareness on democratic social issues.

30. Trial Europe, by Les Têtes de l’art, France
Theatre meets democracy in this piece of work which challenges us to ‘witness’ our stance on migration, mobility and health as a European Union, to be performed outside of France. Les Têtes de l’Art published a call for international cooperation.


Read more about our grantees in our portrait series: Featured People

About the Call:

The European Union is an open and free society.

A place we created together and where Europeans have lived peacefully for almost 75 years. It has not been easy. We have defeated fascism and torn down the walls that kept us apart. We have created a place that is at peace with itself. A place that guarantees freedoms for which many others around the world are fighting. A place where we can travel freely. Where we can study and work in different countries and create experiences that will enrich the rest of our lives.

But this, our Europe is under attack. We are facing a newly divided Europe. A new kind of polarisation threatens the gains of decades of European cooperation. New levels of inequality erode the social fabric of our societies. Culture and identity are misused to divide communities.

Do we really want to watch this happen? It’s time to act now!

We fund creative, cultural actions prior, during and after the EU parliamentary elections that can breathe life into Europe, and democracy at large. We want your innovative and provocative ideas that challenge the negative discourse and are able to become inspiring examples from the local to the European levels.