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The State of Europe - International Film Festival Rotterdam

  • International Film Festival of Rotterdam Rotterdam The Netherlands (map)

Last week, we participated to The State of Europe debates at IFFR. A publication is planned to showcase these debates, which we’ll be publishing in our Narratives for Europe online space. 

We are delighted to be part of the State of Europe debates organised by the International Film Festival of Rotterdam. As a prelude to the European elections, IFFR explores the state of Europe through film and discussions asking "Can Cinema save Europe?"

2014 will bring new elections for the European Parliament. The newspapers are full of news about Europe – for instance the financial and economic crisis and immigration and integration issues. Seen from this perspective, the theme of Europe is undoubtedly highly current. Among Europe’s citizens, however, support for the European ideal seems to be crumbling. People are angry and disappointed – or even worse, just no longer interested. Politicians and bureaucrats seem unable to draw up a shared vision of the future. And all this while a shared perspective would certainly be helpful in combatting the crisis and lack of interest and involvement.
— IFFR director Rutger Wolfson on The State of Europe

A number of journalists and writers monitored every step of IFFR's Signals programme The State of Europe. What did they notice over the past week? Is there such thing as typically European cinema? Which film could only have been made in Europe? How do non-Europeans view Europe? Can cinema save Europe? A debate led by Farid Tabarki with The State of Europe watchers and audience.

Detailed programme can be found on IFFR's website.