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Teodor Celakoski and Teatro Valle Occupato participate in a panel on Reclaiming common(s) in Zagreb

Culture, commons and beyond
Teatro Valle Occupato and Teodor Celakoski are two precedent-setting examples of cultural production that create a space of cultural ‘commons’ based on the assumption that culture, like environment, health and education, is a resource and right accessible to all and owned by no-one. 

In the lead up to the Award public debate and official ceremony on 18 March, the ECF Princess Margriet Award laureates will engage in a series of public presentations as part of the conference Culture, Commons and Institutional Innovation in Zagreb on 15 and 16 February.

As part of this conference Teodor Celakoski, representatives from Teatro Valle Occupato, and other Italian and Croatian initiatives such as a.o. Macao, SALE Docks, SRĐ JE NAŠ and Volim Pulu will participate in a panel 'Reclaiming the common(s): Contestation, Occupation, Institutionalisation’ on 15 February as well as present and discuss localised experiences in ‘Italian and Croatian Contestations’ on 16 February. 

The panel and presentations will focus on the impact of austerity policies on the cultural field and the way different forms of protests and platforms from the perspective of the cultural field are generating a critical rethinking of civic and cultural solidarity.  

These public events will act as preparatory work aiming to share localised experiences and to build upon a common process that will continue in Brussels as part of the Award event and beyond.

For more information about the ECF Princess Margriet Award contact Wietske Maas

The conference is organised by Alliance Operation CityClubture Network, Pravo na Grad and Kooperativa in collaboration with the European Cultural Foundation and the Heinrich Boll Foundation Zagreb.

The conference is open to the public, no registration required.

You can also register via Facebook.


Saturday, 15 February
Venue: Goethe Institut, Ulica grada Vukovara 64 , 10000 Zagreb
(in English)

10.00-12.30 Panel
“New Spaces for Culture and Institutional Innovation”
Organised by Operation City
Moderator: Emina Višnić
Introduction: Martina Borovac Pečarević (Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia), Katherine Watson (European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam), Teodor Celakoski (Alliance Operation City, Zagreb)
Contributions: Davor Mišković (Drugo more, Rijeka), Sanjin Dragojević (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science), Dea Vidović (Kultura Nova Foundation, Zagreb)

12.45-14.45 Panel
“Institutional Crisis and Prospect of Culture”
Organised by Operation City
Moderator: Davor Mišković
Introduction: Chris Torch (Intercult, Stockholm), Milena Dragičević Šešić (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Dramatic Arts), Nina Obuljen Koržinek (Institute for Development and International Relations, Zagreb)
Contribution: Mirko Petrić (University of Zadar, Department of Sociology), Maria Hlavajova (BAK, Utrecht)

14.45-16.00 Lunch break

16.00-18.30 Panel
“Reclaiming the Common(s): Contestation, Occupation, Institutionalization”
Organised by Operation City in collaboration with European Cultural Foundation and Heinrich Böll Stiftung - Croatia
Moderator: Tomislav Tomašević
Introduction: Federica Giardini (Teatro Valle Occupato, Roma), Emina Višnić (Pogon, Zagreb), Danijela Dolenec (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science)
Contribution: Vedran Horvat (Heinrich Böll Stiftung - Croatia, Zagreb), Sylvia de Fanti (Teatro Valle Occupato, Rome), Emanuele Braga (Macao, Milan), Marco Baravalle (S.a.l.e., Venice), Đuro Capor (Srđ je naš, Dubrovnik), Goran Matić (Volim Pulu, Pula), Dušica Radojčić (Green Istria and Rojc, Pula), Bernard Ivčić (Green Action, Zagreb), Tomislav Domes (Right to the City, Zagreb)

Sunday, February 16
Conference, day 2
Venue: Journalists' Association, Zagreb, Perkovčeva 2 (Novinarski dom)
(in English)

10:00-13:00 Presentations and discussion
“Italian and Croatian Contestations”
Organised by Right to the City - Zagreb
Moderator: Teodor Celakoski
Representatives of Teatro Valle Occupato, Rome; Macao, Milan; S.a.l.e., Venice; Srđ je naš, Dubrovnik; Volim Pulu, Pula; Right to the City, Zagreb
Reflection: Maria Hlavajova (BAK, Utrecht)