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New Democracy #24: Digital Commons

  • Pakhuis de Zwijger Piet Heinkade Amsterdam, NH Netherlands (map)

In the series of public events by Pakhuis de Zwijger and Netwerk Democratie research democratic renewal as a transition phenomenon, and look at the effects of transitions in  areas such as energy, care and area development on the way we have organized our democracy. At the same time they look at the transition within democracy itself as a precondition for the coming about of transition in other domains. ECF partners in the series when it is appropriate.

Digital Commons

courtesy of Institute of Creative Minds

courtesy of Institute of Creative Minds

Can we revitalize democracy by designing and developing community owned digital and online spaces? For many the Internet and digitalisation carried the promise of a more open, transparant and democratic society, but in recent years that promise was disavowed by corporatisation of the digital sphere. Still there are many initiatives that stay true to the original ambition and use the digital to build and empower communities. Like in many other areas, ownership is key in making it effective, but what should that encompass?

ECF R&D grantee Engin Önder is initiator of the Turkish citizens journalism 140Journos, Imre Jonk is working on free wireless networks with Amsterdam Wireless.

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