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Public Space: A climate adaptive public space

  Photo: weather station amsterdam

Photo: weather station amsterdam

One of the most urgent challenges for our cities and the way we design them is climate change. How can we use the public space to make our cities more resilient? Can we create a more flexible infrastructure? What does this mean for the way we design our cities and the public space? And what is the effect of sustainable (environmentally friendly) architecture on the public space?

This event is in English and entrance is free.

In this series, Public Space, organised by Pakhuis de Zwijger in collaboration with Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam and ECF, we take a closer look at the public space. The simple way to describe the public space is an open space that is accessible to people. However, the way public spaces are designed and function within a city is less straightforward. During three meet-ups on 6, 15 and 22 June 2016, we will discuss current themes and questions surrounding public spaces. What role does public space have in connecting communities? How can we make a climate adaptive public space? How can the public keep control over spaces that are becoming more privatised?