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As part of our open call to submit an innovative, daring idea for cross-sectoral collaboration that engages people in re-defining and shaping “public space”, we are also organising an online campaign for people across Europe and beyond to share their vision of what public space is. 


Share (in any language) photos, films, words, drawings and sounds that respond to your own vision of what public space is (or could be).

On any social media platform, tag your entries with #PublicSpaceis.

Visit our ECF Lab about Public Space where you can post your #PublicSpaceis directly. We will also share some of the #PublicSpaceis contributions inside the Lab.

Idea Camp

Do you want to develop an idea around public space? We have launched an open call for innovative, daring ideas for cross-sectoral collaboration that engages people in re-defining and shaping “public space”. 

From the applications we receive, we will choose the 50 most viable and innovative ideas. These will be represented by the successful applicants at ECF’s first annual Idea Camp in Marseilles 23-25 October 2014.

At ECF, we bridge people and democratic institutions by connecting local cultural change-makers and communities across Europe because we firmly believe that Europe can be powered by culture. Under our thematic focus, Connecting Culture, Communities and Democracy which will run through our work until 2016, we are developing the Networked Programme. We aim to raise awareness of the creative potential of members of our Network to generate new social, environmental, economic and democratic models through their cultural practices. 

The open call to participate to an Idea Camp and the #PublicSpaceis online campaign are part of this overall thematic focus.