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Read My World Festival: Literature and Politics

We are very happy to support this event part of the Read My World Festival, taking place from 6 to 8 October in Amsterdam. 

Literature and Politics: Does one precede the other?

Ever since people study literature the question arises: does fiction follow or does it shape reality? It is obvious – from allegories on people living in caves via descriptions of utopian islands to present day dystopian novels – the two cannot exist without one another. Both deal with imagination and reflection, and sometimes the lines blur. In the recent histories of both countries we have seen many events happening we never thought of, we even never imagined, or did we?

In a public talk Ja Kapela of ECF's Connected Action for the Commons hub Krytyka Polityzcna Poland and Anna Kravets of Krytyka Polityzcna Ukraine will discuss these questions with writers Olga Tokarczuk and Andrey Kurkov whom both lived through various political regimes in their countries. How do they think about the relation between literature and politics? Or: what role does literature play in their countries.