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Remapping Europe in Seville

  • Various venues Sevilla Spain (map)

In the public debate and imagery of Europe, migrants are still often portrayed along merely national, ethnic or religious lines. Specific local and personal perspectives of immigrants are often lacking and important country- or region-specific migration contexts not nuanced. This exclusion of the perspective of migrants in mainstream media also hinders creative and cultural potential. It does no justice to an inclusive and creative Europe.

Doc Next Network have explored these notions in a two-year project called Remapping Europe, a Remix Project. The aim of the multilayered project has been to highlight the perspectives of young migrant media-makers in four countries by including their mediaworks, stories and visions in the public discourse.

Working with some 50  young media makers from Poland, Turkey, Spain and the UK, who have a migrant background, the project deconstructs existing imagery of migrants in different European countries and… remix them. By presenting their visual remix stories we aim to create a new imagery of migrants: in and of Europe. 

As part of this approach our partner ZEMOS98 is organising the four-day festival REMAPPING EUROPE - 16th ZEMOS98 FESTIVAL.