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The 27th European Meeting of Cultural Journals

  • Europejskie Centrum Solidarności Plac Solidarności Gdańsk, pomorskie Poland (map)

In recent years, issues of solidarity have dominated political debates on both sides of the Atlantic. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, questions of inequality and solidarity have become intertwined – especially in countries that have implemented severe austerity measures.

Over the past year, however, questions of both national and international solidarity have also been central in connection to the treatment of refugees and migrants. These 'crises' have led to polarization, but also to an increase in grass-roots mobilization to express discontent with national governments and/or EU policies, as well as to create alternative forms of community support within European societies and beyond. In many of these debates, the commons have emerged as an alternative to privatization by market forces and state protectionism.

We are very happy to contribute to and participate in this 27th European Meeting of Cultural Magazines in Gdansk. The ECF initiated Connected Action for the Commons network will be present. We will screen some Doc Next Network films and the Commonspoly tool will be on spot.