In the summer of 2014 we received an astonishing 813 proposals in response to our European-wide call for ideas that engage people in re-defining and shaping public space. From among this treasure trove of applications, we have selected representatives of the 50 most innovative, daring and inspiring ideas to join ECF’s first Idea Camp.

The participants, whom we invite you to meet in the Ideas booklet, come from 23 different countries, from across the EU as well as from neighbouring regions, including the Arab Mediterranean region, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the Western Balkans. They represent organisations from a vast array of sectors, from academia to environmental bodies, from human rights, architecture, social & civic activism and city planning through to media, arts and culture. The huge diversity of sectors represented means that the ideas are equally diverse. Some of the ideas are focused on rural or ecological issues while others highlight urban or digital topics. 

Robert Alagjozovski • Marwa Jalal Altamimi • Cosimo Alterio • Egle Ambrasaite • Lot Amorós • Rabiaâ Benlahbib • Carmen Lozano Bright • Gaetano Carboni • Eduardo Cassina • Vassilis Chryssos • Donna Close • Patrícia Costa • Nicky Crabb • Kofi Debrah • Marco Degaetano • Emma Dominguez • Dumitrita Efremov • Antonija Eremut • Matthew Fox • Felipe González Gil • Paco González • Noel Hatch • Adelita Husni Bey • Irene Ingardi • Milena Ivkovic• David Juarez • Taras Kaidan • Lisa Kleeven • Elisabeth Kovtiak • Olha Kryvoruchko • Miodrag Kuč • Jekaterina Lavrinec • Catherine Lenoble • Michael Mangan • Flo Marshall • Yaroslav Minkin • Katerina Mojanchevska • Martyna Obarska • Sofia Olins • Engin Onder • Kasia Ozga • Kay Pallaris • Daniela Patti • Moirika Reker • Sandra Štasselová • Karin Tõugu • Yaroslava Tytarenko • Elke Uitentuis • Robin van Westen • Izabela Zalewska-Kantek • Valentyna Zotova 

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