ECF is on Instagram to share moments from our events and to connect with our grantees, partners, programme participants and more. In this spirit, we want to organise regular takeovers within our networks.  

Who is eligible? 
Any active* Instagram user who has a link with ECF and/or ECF's work.** We will initially work with invitations, but you can also apply to participate by filling the form below. 

What do we want you to share? 
We want to learn about you and your work.** 

For how long?
One week (you may include the weekend if you wish to), preferably linked to an activity related or relevant to ECF.***  And with a minimum of one and a maximum of three posts per day. 

How does it work? 

  1. Fill in the form below.
  2. Wait to hear from us. Selections are made on a weekly basis. 
  3. If you are selected to participate, we send you detailed guidelines. 
  4. We plan the takeover together and...
  5. ... the floor is yours!

*by active we mean that you are already using Instagram on a regular basis and you know how the platform works. 

**including but not limited to: STEP travel grantees, Idea Camp participants, TANDEM participants, ECF Labs community members, partners, funders, board members, MEP's, ECF staff, Doc Next Network media makers, ECF Princess Margriet Award Laureates, artists/writers/speakers who have been involved in our programmes... 

***your STEP travel, a festival you're involved with, a TANDEM meeting, your daily work routine, ...

We expect all participants to be aware of Instagram's terms of use.  

Your Name *
Your Name
If you have not been invited to take part, you can still participate. Just mention how you heard about our Instagram takeover below.
We require applicants to have existing active Instagram accounts to participate.
What would you like to share? *
please note that this is a non exhaustive list and that you can select several options