2014 in Review - Highlights from our Library

As 2014 is coming to a close, it is an ideal time to be looking back at some of the rich and diverse content we were able to share with you through our library. Below you can find a selection of media, books, reports, comics and video, representing the breadth of activities we have undertaken in the past year. 

  • 10 Years of STEP Beyond 
    (EPUB) The tenth anniversary of ECF’s STEP Beyond Travel Grants programme in 2013 represented a milestone. It was a moment to look back at our results so far but also, more importantly, to start looking ahead at the years to come and the changes we hope to catalyse. This publication takes a look at the past, present and future, and gives a voice to the people involved in the STEP Beyond programme as well. 
  • Idea Camp 2014
    (PDF, Video) During our first ECF Idea Camp, we hosted 50 idea makers in Marseille to brainstorm issues around public space. We captured key moments of the three-day event through articles, video clips and images, available in a rich media collection.
  • Remixing Europe 
    (PDF) This artistic project by Doc Next Network was produced in the framework of Remapping Europe, A Remix Project Highlighting the Migrant’s Perspective. Building on four individual case studies of recent media incidents, the book focuses on the representation of migrants in European media.
  • 100% Amsterdam
    (PDF) From 10 to 13 December, together with Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam and the Publieke Werken Foundation, we presented the show 100% Amsterdam by the Berlin theatre collective Rimini Protokoll inviting 100 Amsterdammers to take on the stage and share their stories. A book presenting all the participants is available (in Dutch). An exhibition of 100% Amsterdam is also on show until 11 January 2015 at the Amsterdam Museum. 
  • New Pact for Europe Reports
    (PDF) As one of the partners in the New Pact for Europe initiative to foster and promote the European debate, we are pleased to share the initiative’s two reports:
    • The first report Strategic Options for Europe's Future analyses the 'state of the Union' and describes the key challenges Europe faces and presents five potential strategic options for the future of European integration.
    • The second report Towards a New Pact for Europe proposes a New Pact between Member States and between the EU and its citizens: a pact based on three main pillars – an Enabling Union, a Supportive Union and a Participatory Union.
  • Dwarfing of Europe?
    (PDF) With this series, we approached the debate surrounding the future of Europe by focusing on the role of culture.
    • For the first volume of the series, we turned to our neighbours in the Balkans, Belarus, the Middle East and Asia for an honest view of Europe from the outside in order to boost and broaden the debate – taking on board our neighbours’ insights to help us craft new narratives for Europe. Contributors include Shreela Ghosh, Basma El Husseiny, Peter Vermeersch and Iryna Vidanava. 
    • In the second volume of the series, we turn to Brazil, India and China for inspiration, shedding new light on Europe’s many dilemmas and encouraging new understandings of some the fundamental challenges facing Europe. Contributors include Rajendra K. Jain and Renée Jones-Bos.
  • Cultural Policy Research Award (CPRA)
    (PDF) Since 2004, the best young researchers on comparative cultural policies and management topics across Europe have been invited to publish their research through the CPRA. This year we published Aleksandar Brkić's Cultural Policy Frameworks: (Re)constructing National and Supranational Identities: The Balkans and the European Union, awarded in 2011. You can read eight of the best published works in our Library (PDF).
  • Engaging the World: Towards a Global Cultural Citizenship 
    (PDF, EPUB, Kindle) The final report of the Consortium supporting the Preparatory Action “Culture in EU External Relations” initiative – which we are a part of along with more than 350 international artists, academics and cultural representatives – has been made available online. The report focuses on creating a cultural relations strategy for Europe.
  • Enabling Crossovers 
    (PDF) In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, The Netherlands and Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) presents a new publication illustrating 36 good practices in the creative industries across Asia and Europe. This publication features ECF’s Tandem Cultural Managers Exchange programme.
  • Beyond the Nation State – Cultures make Europe: Historic speech to Europe by Denis de Rougemont
    (PDF, Audio) How relevant are the ideas of ECF’s founding father Denis de Rougemont (1906-1985) about the role of Europe as a political and cultural project today, in light of the dramatic rise in nationalism in Europe? Celebrating its 60th anniversary, ECF turned the spotlight on a historical speech by Denis de Rougemont, which was read by former ECF Director Raymond Georis, followed by a debate with Sylvie Goulard and Raymond Georis, moderated by Vanessa Mock. You can listen to the debate and read the speech here
  • HRH Princess Laurentien's Speech at KU Leuven
    (Video) As part of our collaboration with KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium), ECF President HRH Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands gave a talk on 3 November on the inherent strength of youth (in Dutch): De eigen kracht van jongeren: niet grijs, wel wijs. You can watch the speech here.
  • ECF’s 2013 Annual Report
    (PDF) Presenting our vision and projects, figures and forecasts, our 2013 Annual Report offers clear and concise information about our activities over the past year. You can access a summary online or download the full report. A summary in Dutch is also available. You can browse previous annual reports in our Library (PDF) too.