Imagining Europe, Reclaiming Public Space–Democratic Practices Reinvented?

After an opening address by Charles Esche, this debate explores alternative models for democratic practice in Europe, starting from an artistic perspective. We are living in dynamic times for Europe and its public space. What role can artists and cultural actors play in new forms of civic participation?

Moderator Farid Tabarki – the founder and director of Studio Zeitgeist in Amsterdam – invites Peter Vermeersch (lecturer, poet, G1000 Belgium), Tiffany Jenkins (sociologist and cultural commentator, UK) and Juan Freire (innovation manager, Spain) to explore alternative models for democratic practice in Europe. Join us to debate these central questions for the future of democracy in Europe.

Imagining Europe took place on 4–7 October 2012 at the renowned cultural space, De Balie in Amsterdam.