Kreativiteten gror i krisens Grekland by Hugo Lindkvist

This article,  Kreativiteten gror i krisens Grekland (Creativity grows in crisis Greece) by Hugo Lindkvist has been published on the Swedish daily news site,

Grekland står på ruinens brant. Då samlas motståndet och fria kulturutövare försöker göra sina röster hörda. (which could roughly translate as Greece is on the brink of ruin. Accumulating resistance, free cultural practitioners try to make their voices heard). 

The piece looks into the current Greek independent cultural scene and how it’s operating under the economic and financial crisis. Long time ECF Advisor Chrissie Faniadis is one of the contributors cited. We are also very happy to see ECF and the ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture - through 2015 Laureate Athens Biennale, also mentioned.