Build the City Magazine: a collection of evidence-based practices

ECF initiated Build the City to highlight innovative civil-public partnerships in broader Europe that have solved urban challenges. 

The 26 practices highlighted in this publication are civil-public partnerships based on principles of the commons, i.e. enabling citizens and governments to share power, co-design and co-shape legislation, management or collective action for the common good.

Evidence from the practices shows that including citizens and communities in decision-making has created wider support for implementation of legislation, providing out-of-the-box solutions and strengthening democratic legitimacy. Culture contributes to this by engaging and inspiring people, challenging stereotypes and catalysing the social revitalisation of urban commons. This is essential when it comes to building a more equitable and sustainable future and helps us live together in our increasingly diverse communities.   

These practices were selected to energise urban governance in the EU Urban Agenda.

To share your feedback and add your own practices of civil-public partnerships, go to our dedicated lab on ECF labs.