NEW STUDY released: ‘Cultural and creative spillovers in Europe: a preliminary evidence review’ (2015)

The European Cultural Foundation is one of the partners in a European research partnership, which has published the report: ‘Cultural and creative spillovers in Europe: a preliminary evidence review’ (2015)

The report is among the first initiatives that shed light on cultural and creative spillovers in Europe and will contribute to scientific, cultural and political debate around evidencing the value of culture and public investment into the arts, culture and creative industries.

The study was initiated by a European research partnership comprising the Arts Council of England, the Arts Council (Ireland), Creative England, the european centre for creative economy (Germany), the European Cultural Foundation (the Netherlands) and the European Creative Business Network (the Netherlands), with involvement of a number of other institutional and academic partners. The research was undertaken by the Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy.

The project involved the compilation of an evidence library of almost 100 reports, studies and evaluations that purport to describe the impacts of cultural and creative spillovers. The research has sought to establish a baseline of knowledge by taking a scientific approach to commonly held assumptions about publicly funded arts and culture and their broader impacts. The research identified about 17 categories of spillover effects, and found three areas where there is persuasive evidence of cultural and creative spillovers: innovation in knowledge spillovers, health and wellbeing and creative milieu and place branding. The report sets out research and methodological recommendations that could serve the research community. It sets also policy recommendations to the relevant European Union institutions.