Displaced in Media Magazine


Across Europe, individuals and collectives of journalists, filmmakers, cultural professionals, activists, teachers and researchers are trying to break through the power structures that stop the most disadvantaged from being heard. They are paving the way for the production of media in their own community in a bottom up and inclusive way. They are setting up their own platforms where alternative voices are highlighted and they are making links to mainstream media and other important platforms.

The aim of the Displaced in Media partnership is to connect these practices and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, methodologies and experiences between them. This community of practice is creating an infrastructure that allows underrepresented perspectives to be heard in the public sphere. Emerging from this are contacts and networks, a pool of knowledge and educational methodologies, channels and strategies to reach general audiences, and also increase awareness among policymakers.

In this publication – and at a Policy Forum in Marseille in September 2018 – we present the practices and learnings of Displaced in Media to media makers and policymakers. It is an invitation to engage in a conversation with us.