Drawing Citizenship: EurHope by Zurum

We are joining forces with The Cartoon Movement to explore perspectives on the upcoming European elections through comics and cartoons. Between 31 March and 25 May 2014, we are inviting comic artists and cartoonists to reflect on European citizenship and the various issues that are currently facing Europe. Everyone is welcome to submit their work. We are selecting one cartoon or comic every week to showcase on our respective websites.

Our second selected work is EurHope by Zurum.

European integration started out as an endeavor to create lasting peace, stability and prosperity in Europe, but many feel it has become a neoliberal project more interested in catering to big business than to the average European citizen. Is Europe still our best hope for a prosperous future?

Antionio Ursini (artist name Zurum) is a cartoonist from Perugia in Italy. To see more of his cartoons, visit his page on The Cartoon Movement's website