Drawing Citizenship: EU: It grows on us by Maarten Wolterink

We are joining forces with The Cartoon Movement to explore perspectives on the upcoming European elections through comics and cartoons. Between 31 March and 25 May 2014, we are inviting comic artists and cartoonists to reflect on European citizenship and the various issues that are currently facing Europe. Everyone is welcome to submit their work. We are selecting one cartoon or comic every week to showcase on our respective websites.

Our sixth selected work is EU: It grows on us by Maarten Wolterink: "Many nations call for cutting the ties with the European Union. Most of them don't know the benefits the EU already brings them."

Maarten Wolterink (Netherlands, 1964) has been a cartoonist for more than 20 years. He mainly works for Dutch newspapers and magazines. Hits motto: "Don't fear for laughter, laugh at your fears!"