Drawing Citizenship: Change of Perspective by Igor Lukyanchenko

Between 31 March and 25 May 2014, we joined forces with The Cartoon Movement to explore perspectives on the 2014 European elections through comics and cartoons. Comic artists and cartoonists were invited to reflect on European citizenship and the various issues that are currently facing Europe. Everyone was welcome to submit their work. We have selected one cartoon or comic every week to showcase on our respective websites.

Our eight selected work is Change of Perspective by Igor Lukyanchenko. 

This is the final selection in the frame of Drawing Citizenship: towards the 2014 European elections through comics & cartoons, and we want to end on a positive note. Despite all the problems with the EU, we might look back in a few centuries to see what a remarkable project Europe really is, and how it fundamentally changed our perspective on the world.

Igor Lukyanchenko (Ukraine) is an editorial cartoonist from Ukraine, working for local newspapers, and contributing to a weekly business newspaper in Kiev. His work has received awards in numerous international cartoon competitions.

See all the works in our Library.

See all the works in our Library.