The Dwarfing of Europe? Vol. 1 - Perspectives from the Balkans, Belarus, the Middle East and Asia

In this first of the series Dwarfing of Europe? publication, we turn to our neighbours for an honest view of Europe from the outside in order to boost and broaden the debate on Europe by focusing on culture.

Their insights can help us craft new narratives for Europe. The contributors to this first volume of The Dwarfing of Europe? include: Shreela Ghosh, Basma El Husseiny, Peter Vermeersch and Iryna Vidanava. 

The book is dedicated to Odile Chenal, in recognition of more than 23 years of loyal and devoted service to ECF – with gratitude for her unwavering commitment to Europe and to culture. Odile is retiring from ECF in 2013.

Please note this book is out of print, but an online copy is available for free:

Also read the second volume which focuses on Brazil, India and China.