ECF joins the Protect the EU Campaign

Inspired by Wolfgang Tillmans' anti-Brexit campaign, Dutch designers Jop van Bennekom and Geert Jonkers have adapted his posters for the upcoming elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany. The campaign's focus is the protection of the EU against the current wildfire of political negativity.

ECF joins this campaign which wants to tackle the illusions which the enemies of the EU promote and propagate. Cooperation amongst the citizens of all EU member states is the key to our future peace and prosperity. We too believe in the common ground between our countries. And we too think this is the time for action. Vote for whatever party, but don’t vote down the EU. Now is the time to raise awareness and to protect what has protected us, and our values, for so long. The campaign is a call to work together, to adapt the posters, to spread them and to talk with people of opposite beliefs.

Download the Dutch, French, German and English posters below:

The EU is not a faceless machine but the representation of 508 million people. While surely there are still many things to be improved, the core belief in this institution has secured the longest period of inter-European peace and cooperation in history. A democratic conversation between 28 member states is tedious – but it ensures a steady dialog, a constant weighing of the many different demands involved in making each single decision. These processes foster safety and stability and allow us to call a whole continent something which would otherwise be much smaller: home.

Because of the urgency of the Dutch, French and German elections, we start this campaign in these languages, but the plan is to translate the messages into all 24 official languages of the EU.