ECF supports the National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Update on 10 September 2015: 
We are very happy to learn that the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina will reopen on 15 September 2015, after having been closed for three years. Read more.

Photo via  Akcija .

Photo via Akcija.


The organisation AKCIJA Sarajevo has initiated a civic action from 3 August to 4 October 2015 under the name “I am the Museum” to remind the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina and internationally of the fact that the biggest and most important cultural and scientific institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been closed for almost three years, and to influence those in charge to resolve this problem as soon as possible. 

We are making our voices heard in order to save the Museum. We would like to invite you to join us in our action of guarding the National Museum.
— from AKCIJA Sarajevo's invitation letter

ECF has been invited to take part and our Director Katherine Watson, together with ECF Programme Manager Philipp Dietachmair, are going to Sarajevo to participate to the action “A Guarding Shift for the Museum”.  

ECF has been supporting cultural cooperation in the Western Balkans for years and continues to do so through our ongoing collaboration with ArtAngle on the  Balkans Arts and Culture Fund, and through taking part in actions such as these.

“A Guarding Shift for the Museum” is about bringing public persons and celebrities from cultural, academic, diplomatic and sport sectors, from the country and the region, and sending their message to those in charge that the current humanitarian disaster at the Museum can no longer be ignored. Through this action, AKCIJA Sarajevo wants to create awareness that the employees of the Museum and all of them work a guarding shift in the Museum.

For further information read this article on Radio Free Europe and visit the I Am the Museum website.