Culture and the Commons: Focal Point on Eurozine

ECF is thrilled to start a new partnership with Eurozine as part of our Connected Action for the Commons programme. Drawing on our common affinities, we launch a new focal point: Culture and the Commons, exploring the prospects for a commons where cultural and social activists meet with a broader public to create new ways of living together. We will share each new article throughout our social media channels (links in the footer), on our eZine (you can subscribe here) and on this website.  

We start the series with the editorial "Creating the Commons, together":

Across Europe, citizens and communities are engaging in new forms of cultural cooperation while developing alternative and participatory democratic practices. This specific act of "commoning" as a collective venture of co-development and co-government of everything held in common is dramatically changing the way we look at our societies. At the same time, the emergence of "the Commons" as an alternative value system is challenging the duopoly of state and market. This new paradigm is based on a belief in societies with greater equality, sustainability and solidarity.

Culture and the commons is a cooperation between Eurozine and European Cultural Foundation's (ECF) Connected Action for the Commons, a network and action research programme coordinated by the ECF together with cultural organisations in Croatia, France, Poland, Moldova, Spain and Sweden.

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