FAQ - Democracy Needs Imagination – second round

About our call

What is this call about?
This is a call for action! Together, we need to strengthen Europe and make it a better place. A united, democratic, free and open Europe, that’s what we aim for. And imagination is what we need to get us there. This call therefore supports creative, daring and above all concrete actions that are working for European democratic values. Our firm belief is that most Europeans don’t want to live in unequal, polarised, undemocratic societies so we are funding those who are fighting against the threats to European democracy.

Who can apply?
Anyone above 18 years old can submit a proposal, as long as it has a clear cultural and European dimension, and fits our theme and urgency. This call is open to individuals and organizations from all over the world.

How big are the grants and what can they cover?
The grants may range from 5.000 Euro to 30.000 Euro for individuals and up to 50.000 Euro for organisations but will be sized based on project needs. We encourage applicants to submit budgets that accurately reflect the scope of their proposal, so that we are able to assess applications as efficiently as possible.

The deadline of the call is 27 September 12:00 CEST.
We will close the online form then and we will not accept applications through any other method than the link we have provided (either before or after the deadline.)

When does your project need to take place?
We are granting projects in 2019 as the urgency for our fight for Europe is high – however your project can continue into 2020.

What kind of projects will we support?
Funding is possible for almost everything: start-up funding, co-funding or filling a budgetary gap. We can cover anything from HR costs, to material or travel costs, as long as your project and budget is clear and concrete. If you would like to see some examples go here and see who has been funded previously.

Eligibility and selection criteria

Do I need to submit my proposal in English?
Yes, proposals need to be submitted in English. However, we are not going to focus on your grammar skills and are used to assessing proposals by both native and non-native speakers. We are looking into offering future calls in other European languages as well.

Am I eligible to apply if I am not based in the EU?
Yes, you are eligible to apply as long as the content of your proposal relates to our call “Democracy Needs Imagination”. We don’t have any geographical restrictions.

Can I submit more than one proposal?
You can apply with only one application per individual or organisation.

You need to be over 18 years old.

Can I apply as a current European Cultural Foundation grantee?
Yes, our current grantees are eligible to apply.

Can I apply if I don’t have a bank account?
No, you cannot apply without having a bank account.

Can I apply as an artist?
Yes if your proposal has a strong action and impact of promoting European democracy.

We do not support proposals submitted by political parties.

Application process

Can I get a copy of the application questions before I fill out the application?
Yes, you can find a copy of the main application questions here. We recommend you to copy these questions and answer them offline before going to the online form (see also next question).

Can I save a draft of my application on the site if I want to edit it later?
No. It is not possible to save a draft of your application online. We therefore recommend drafting your application in advance and cut and paste the contents into the online application form.

Can I ask questions on the grant call and applying?
Yes through our social media Q&A online events [Sept. 11 / Sept. 17 / Sept. 19 / Sept. 26] and through our email DNIcall@culturalfoundation.eu.
We do not answer questions via the phone.

When will I hear back from you?
We aim to assess your application within four weeks after the submission. Decisions are final and we hope you understand that we cannot enter into any correspondence regarding unsuccessful applications.