Featured People: Idea Camp 2017 Digital Storytellers

Co-produced by the European Cultural Foundation, Platoniq and the City of Madrid, the 2017 Idea Camp brings together 50 Idea Makers from 25 countries across Europe, as well as a wide range of participants. Throughout this series of Featured People focusing on the Idea Camp 2017, we present you the work of these individuals passionate and active in finding new democratic alternatives. After the Idea Feeders, the Facilitators and the local organisations and collectives of Madrid, we present you the Digital Storytellers. 

A team of four Digital Storytellers will be on hand at the Idea Camp, capturing insights from the encounter and translating these into narratives of all types: data visualisation, written content and audio-visual materials. Their role will be to record meaningful data and to coax unforeseen answers from the Idea Makers to bring back home.

Antonio Hernández

Hernández loves journalism and web development, these two passions merge into the big one: data journalism.

Raúl Magallón

Raúl Magallón works as a Professor in the Department of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. He has a Europeus PhD in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid (Marie Curie Fellowship-CNRS, Paris). He currently teaches Communication and Online Citizen Participation. He’s been a Visiting Scholar at the University of California (San Diego, USA), University of Leeds (UK) and Paris II-La Sorbonne (French Press Institute). He has also collaborated with different media like Bez.es, Yorokobu and Periodismo Ciudadano.

Alba Martín Campos

Alba Martín is a freelance journalist who currently works on making stories through data and visualisation. She has made some maps and charts for Spanish newspapers. Alba holds an MA in Investigative Journalism from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Unidad Editorial. She also has a background in communication, design and art. She is concerned with issues around Social Justice, Conservation of the Environment and the fight for equality and Human Rights.

David Sierra

David Sierra is a local journalist who has recently specialised in data journalism through the Master of Journalism in Research, Data and VisualiSation at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. He has developed his professional career in various media in Guadalajara where he has focused on information in less populated areas, about agriculture and the environment. He has also been a coordinator for various print media's supplement issues.