Featured people: Sherif Farag

Sherif Farag.jpg

We are relieved and overjoyed by the news that Sherif Farag, TANDEM Shaml participant, academic and activist, has been released from detention after being held 246 days without trial.

Arrested last November on charges that were never substantiated, Sherif was an ardent advocate of the rights of teaching assistants in Egypt. Having defended his Master’s thesis during his incarceration, we are all looking forward to him resuming his academic duties.

In addition to being a promising young academic, Sherif is a celebrated activist for architectural standards and heritage preservation in Alexandria. He is the co-founder of the Save Alexandria Initiative, which aims at preserving the city’s architectural heritage.

You can read more about the circumstances of the arrest and Sherif’s past activities on Madamasr along with the coverage of his release.