Featured People: Vladimir Us

Vladimir Us is an artist and curator working with Oberliht, one of the Connected Action for the Commons hubs. 

In this interview filmed during the Idea Camp 2015 at the end of September, Vladimir talks about the specific Moldovan context in which Oberliht works and the notion of commonality and public space as seen as part of a democratic structure. 

Oberliht Association invites everyone to take part in the programme of Public Space Days taking place between 6-10 October 2015 in Chisinau. Further info

Founded in 2000 and based on a rich working experience as an independent cultural actor, Oberliht Young Artists Association aims to interconnect dispersed artistic scenes and build an artistic community making use of public spaces. Oberliht's goal is to provide support and contribute to the professional development of young artists, but also architects, scientists and activists, giving them tools to change the societal context they live in. They develop and maintain interdisciplinary platforms and projects aiming to connect the local and international contemporary art initiatives and advocate for a strong and independent cultural sector in Moldova and in the region.

Since 2006, Oberliht has been striving to democratise public space. Using various means (art, science, activism) and activities (workshops, seminars, public discussions, exhibitions, artistic performances), they try to eliminate the different exclusions and barriers – both formal (laws, policies) and informal (class or social status restrictions, religious, gender, age) that prevent citizens from accessing and using the public space for their own needs.

Issues related to the built environment are often present in our projects due to the role that urban planning and architecture have in projecting public space, and thus fostering or diminishing social cohesion or increasing/decreasing opportunities for people.