Idea Talk: From urban recipes to collective architectures

During the Idea Camp plenary sessions were organised in which three “inspirateurs” kicked off every day with thought-provoking statements lasting half an hour: how are citizens and communities involved in shaping new notions of “public space” in the physical and the digital spheres? 

From urban recipes to collective architectures By Santiago Cirugeda, architect and founder of RECETAS URBANAS.

Prepare for the provocative story of an unconventional architect. Read his statement and wonder: “All the urban prescriptions showed next are public domain and may be used in all its strategic and juridical proceedings by citizens who may try out do it. Recommends a full research on the different urban locations and situations in which the citizen may want to intervene. Any physical or intellectual risk produced by such interventions will be on each citizen account”.

O2Zone TV is a community media platform located in Salon de Provence. Their objectives are :

• To make knowledge and information accessible
• To train and help human resources, i.e. representatives of non-profit organisations, policy-makers, volunteers and residents in the use of audio-visual and digital production and participatory animation techniques.

Their strength is to produce and show participatory programmes involving local communities and stakeholders.