Instagram Takeover: Eduardo Cassina/METASITU

ECF has recently joined Instagram to share moments from our events and to connect with our grantees, partners, programme participants and more. In this spirit, we organise regular takeovers within our networks.  

Our third takeover is by another Idea Camp participant: Eduardo Cassina, on behalf of METASITU, the artistic duo made of himself and Liva Dudareva. They are currently in Kiev as artists in residence at Izolyatsia and are taking over our Instagram account from 24 to 28 August to introduce you to their practice and world.

METASITU is a strategic art collective and urban consultancy founded by landscape architect Liva Dudareva (Latvia) and urban sociologist Eduardo Cassina (Spain). The duo was formed in early 2014. During this time, the group implemented projects in Palestine, Austria, Serbia, Russia, Greece, the United Arab Emirates. METASITU’s research interest lies in the study of the different fibres that weave it, the social and communal layers, the built matrix and the infinite networks that traverse it. From this departure point, their intention is to dissect the inhabited territory and bring architectural and urban sociological research to a wider audience through art in order to bridge the gap that currently exists separating urbanites from a global understanding of their immediate surroundings. This project, according to the authors, will be able to bridge the gap between the local community and the global world.

IZOLYATSIA is a foundation working with cultural and arts initiatives in Kiev, Ukraine. Founded in Donetsk in 2010, it has actively promoted culture in Eastern Ukraine, and worked with a number of site specific community projects. Izolyatsia is a former ECF grantee (for their project Memory and Space) and has recently participated to our TANDEM Ukraine Cultural Exchange Programme. 

Follow them throughout the week on ECF's Instagram account, check out METASITU's work on their website and on