Jury Report: 2017 ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture

Photo by Xander Remkes

Photo by Xander Remkes

The 2017 ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture has been presented on 9 May 2017 (Europe Day) in cultural centre Paradiso, Amsterdam.

For the 2017 edition ECF invited nominations from two groups:

  • Experts in different regions with broad perspectives on cultural practice, including professionals from within and beyond ECF’s broader network
  • Groups of individuals and organisations who through various programmes and grant schemes were part of ECF’s community of practice in past years.

Each nominator was invited to make one proposal. ECF staff then researched and assembled portfolios of the nominees which were sent to the Jury in advance of the Jury meeting in November. The Jury then selected the laureates.

2017 Award Jury

  • Andreas Broeckmann (Curator, Leuphana Arts Program, Lüneburg/Berlin)
  • Juan Freire (Founding partner XTribe, EduCaaS and inViable, Madrid, Madrid)
  • Ivan Krastev (Chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia)
  • Ruth Mackenzie (Artistic Director Holland Festival, Amsterdam)
  • Saskia van Stein (Director of Bureau Europa, platform for architecture & design, Maastricht)