Tandem Turkey-EU: Media Coverage

TANDEM Turkey–European Union aims at establishing long-term partnerships between cultural organisations from Turkey and the EU countries. It is targeted on engaging participants in an intense international collaboration process, which includes realisation of a shared interdisciplinary project, linked to their cultural expertise. To learn more about the various activities, see this TANDEM booklet (PDf) on Anadolu Kültür's website.

The programme successfully realised two rounds in 2011-12 and 2013-14, and was able to bring together 64 cultural managers. It has received wide media coverage across Europe to total 203 news items.

  • Print: 81 articles (67 in Turkey, 9 in Poland, 2 in Spain, 1 in Greece, 2 in Finland)
  • Online: 115 articles (72 in Turkey, 2 in Germany, 2 in Slovakia, 3 in Italy, 2 in Belgium, 2 in Greece, 8 in England, 3 in Spain, 19 in Poland, 2 in Finland)
  • TV: 4 programmes (1 in Turkey, 1 in Hungary, 2 in Spain)
  • Radio: 2 programmes (2 in Turkey)

TANDEM Turkey-EU is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul), and supported by Stiftung Mercator (Essen).