Perception of Cultural Labour Mobility by Mobility Funds in Europe

A report (PDF) from the ECF Mobility meeting, 28 September 2006, drafting recommendations and conclusions for: The European Community Year of Workers' Mobility / Towards a European Labour Market. Perception of Cultural Labour Mobility by Mobility Funds in Europe. 

For the second time since 2000, the ECF, recognising the usefulness of maintaining a regular platform for exchange and needs assessment, gathered together the coordinators of the major mobility schemes for artists and cultural operators in Europe, and several researchers of mobility. Six years on from the first ECF meeting, it is crucial to take a step back and ask ourselves the question whether we, as cultural managers involved in the mobility of artists, journalists, cultural operators, works of art etc, are ready to re-invigorate the advocacy campaign required to continue improving the ground for further mobility and intercultural dialogue and exchange.