Narratives for Europe: Reading Room - Abdelkader Benali

Abdelkader Benali

is described as one of Netherland’s leading writers. His debut novel Bruiloft aan zee (Wedding at Sea, 1996), which was translated into many languages, was a huge critical and commercial success. He received the prestigious Libris prize for literature for his second novel, De Langverwachte (The Long-Awaited, 2002). Besides novels and plays, Benali has published essays and reviews in respected Dutch newspapers and magazines, including De Volkskrant, Vrij Nederland and De Groene Amsterdammer. Next to this Benali has just created a new successful literary TV Programme in the Netherlands Benali boekt (Banali books)

Looking for Europe in Mexico City

"It’s déjà vu all over again. Europe: a proclamation of unity amid a field of lonely fools."

Three possible dreams for Europe

"There are too many countries in Europe, too many national kitchens too, too many former capitals of colonial empires, too many women sitting in the metro dreaming of a hanged man, too many Tintorettos, too many philosophers, too many ideas, too many wars, too many conservatives, too many coffee machines…"

Narratives for Europe Reading Room

We invite you to read the contributions from journalists, researchers, writers who are, as we, investigating and questioning European Narratives and their making in the present and the future.