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Thijs van Nimwegen

(1981) studied Comparative Literature and Journalism in Utrecht, Antwerp, Groningen, and Leipzig. He is a producer and project manager for Spartak, Interdisciplinary Platform for Eastern Europe, where he co-founded and organized Comixiade, part of the Narratives programme. He also works as a translator of English-language literature, researcher, and occasional web designer.

Our Hero Osvald

"We need a recurring character”, someone said. “Like a protagonist”, someone else added. “A recognizable face to be seen in each comic”, a third clarified… In this column, Thijs van Nimwegen gives a lively description of the birth of the comic Osvald and its main protagonist: “He was made by dozens of artists, and his appearance, character, and personal traits are shifting even as we speak. Osvald may therefore represent a whole new generation of the inquisitive antihero – a fluid character, showing different traits, depending on the reader.”

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Narratives for Europe Reading Room

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