Towards a New Pact for Europe: Second Report

Download the report from the  New Pact for Europe website . 

Download the report from the New Pact for Europe website

As one of the partners in the New Pact for Europe initiative to foster and promote the European debate, we would like to share the second report of the New Pact for Europe project: Towards a New Pact for Europe. 

This second report reflects the work and discussions of a Reflection Group is designed to feed into the on-going discussions about the Union’s future as the new EU leadership team takes charge. It aspires to contribute to the debate on how to introduce ambitious but workable and realistic reforms to make the EU more effective in responding to the challenges Europeans are facing.

The report identifies two interlinked strategic challenges faced by the EU: those posed by economic, social and political divisions within and between countries, leading to increased fragmentation; and the growing perception in many EU countries that European integration is no longer a ‘win-win’ for everyone. It argues that simply consolidating past achievements will not be enough and that closer cooperation will be indispensable if Europe wants not only to overcome the immediate crisis, but also to create fresh momentum that will allow it to exploit more of its potential and meet citizens’ needs and expectations.