New Pact for Europe - Media Coverage

In the run-up to the elections for the European Parliament, 200 people gathered in a packed ‘De Balie’ debate centre in Amsterdam to discuss the state of the European Union (EU). The crowd showed that there is a voracious appetite for debating Europe’s future – and a mini-poll of the audience revealed that the majority of those who took part want to fundamentally rethink the way the EU works rather than abandoning the European project altogether.

Na aanleiding New Pact diner policy makers (onder Chatham House Rules) verscheen op 12 februari artikel in Trouw van Lex Oomkes (deelnemer diner)

  • Discussie over Europa is een gesprek tussen doven en blinden - Trouw 12.02.2014

  • Interview with Ivan Krastev - NRC 05.04.2014 
  • Interview with Philippe Legrain - Financial Times 08.04.2014 
  • Debat in de Stad - 12.04.2014
  • Interview in Financiële Telegraaf - 15.04.2014