Prepare your application

Below, please find an overview of all the content of the application form that you will need to prepare before submitting your proposal.



1. Project description

What does apply to your project?

*A) My project is related to the European Parliamentary elections (= priority lane).

*B) My project is related to Democracy Needs Imagination beyond the European Parliamentary elections.

2. What is the title of your project? (max. 10 words)

3. Describe your project and do not forget to highlight its cultural dimension as well as specifying how it relates to the European Parliamentary elections and/or the theme of Democracy Needs Imagination. (max 300 words)

4. Do you have partners for this project? YES / NO

5. What is the total budget of your project? (in Euro)

6. For which grant amount are you applying?

Small 5.000 -15.000 Euro Individuals/Organisations

Medium15.000 -30.000 Euro> Individuals/Organisations

Large 30,000 -50.000 Euro (only open to Organisations)

Please fill in the exact amount you are applying for.

7. What do you want to achieve with your actions? (max 150 words)

8. How will you carry out your project in order to achieve your goals? (max 150 words)

9. Who is your target group and how do you want to involve them? (max 150 words)

10. What is your communication strategy?  (max 150 words)

11. How will you evaluate your project's success? (max 150 words)

12. Which concrete activities/action does your project involve? What is the timeline of your project? (max 150 words)

13. What is the project start and end date? Useful information for the evaluation of our own outreach.