Reframe artist statement and work: Mahmoud Benameur

Mahmoud Benameur is a fifth-year student at the Algiers School of Fine Arts. He is a freelance illustrator and animator. He won the prize for best graphics in the 2010 Algiers Comic Book Festival. Since 2011, he has been involved in comics; his short story Kaching, written in collaboration with Soumeya Ouarezki, was published in the anthology Monstres. The following year, Dalimen Éditions published his first comic as a professional, entitled Broderies pour un Hold-up. He is currently working on a new comic book, due to come out next year.

A strange conversation is taking place in a psychiatric hospital between a patient and her reflection. This conversation crystallises my personal approach to the themes of Reframe. I am asking myself the following question: what has triggered this incredible peace movement, this unique union in the history of Europe and even maybe in the history of humanity? I realised, with all the irony that this implies, that this peace is the result of one of the most murderous wars of our time: World War II. My story is a paradigm in which people embrace in order to avoid war.