Reframe artist statement and work: Soumeya Ouarezki

Soumeya Ouarezki portrait.jpg

Soumeya Ouarezki is a fifth-year student at the Algiers School of Fine Arts, where she is specialising in graphic design. Her participation in workshops organised by the Algeria International Comic Book Festival (FIBDA) has allowed her to publish stories in two anthologies, Monstres in 2011 and Waratha in 2012. As a professsional, she has coloured a comic book entitled Yaghmoracen, published by Rive Sud in 2012, and has also worked on the animation team hired for the production of singer Warda el Djazairiya’s last video clip.

If an old man heads to his cabin in the middle of the forest, descends into a dark workshop, crowns himself and then proceeds to assemble helpless baby turtles, he must be nuts right? No, actually, he may be one of the most powerful men on earth. This may not necessarily be the truth, but it is my own, quite pessimistic view of things, injected with a dose of dark humour. Thus, Europe’s leaders – presiding over an ageing, weakened continent – decide to pluck whichever nations are still standing back onto their feet and bring them together.