Report on 'Fearless Cities' conference

Vivian Paulissen, ECF’s knowledge manager, attended the Fearless Cities - International Municipalist Summit, which took place in Barcelona from 9 -11 June 2017, and wrote a report on this inspiring and even 'historic event'.

Ada Colau speech, photo by Julia Zimmerman.jpg

Together! That was the feeling the event provoked: we are together and together we can fix it. Radical participation of citizens (I refer here to citizens as inhabitants, regardless of legal status) is the key of good democracy. ‘Doing It Together’, in solidarity that is. According to the municipalists it’s the only way to restore dignity and overcome inequality, patriarchy, destructive extractivism, fragmentation and divide.

ECF contributed to the translation and documentation of the Fearless Cities Summit, as part of an EDGE Funders alliance joint support, together with the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation, OSIFE, Guerrilla Foundation, Ford Foundation, Chorus Foundation, Grassroots International, Karibu Foundation. For more information on EDGE and some other Fearless Cities blogs by funders, please see