Four reports of the Eastern European Reflection Group

The European Cultural Foundation and The German Marshall Fund of the United States underwent a process of cooperation with the aim of supporting the capacity of cultural actors to be effective agents of change in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. As a first step in designing their approach and programming to underpin the efforts of those cultural actors working towards the democratisation, modernisation and Europeanisation of each of these countries, an East European Reflection Group process has been established. This process included three distinct phases – the preparation of situation assessments for each country concerning the capacity of the cultural community to contribute to processes of transformation, the corroboration of the findings presented in each of the reports with influential cultural actors and stakeholders in each of the countries at country consultation meetings and the elaboration of a synthesis of the results of these two phases as a basis for the development of strategic action on the part of ECF and GMF (and potentially a selection of other donor partners) in support of cultural actors of change in the three countries concerned. Three country specific reports outline the needs of each cultural community and specific measures that could improve the local situation of the independent culture sector. 

  • “Supporting Cultural Actors of Change in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. A Regional Review”, ed. By Yael Ohana (ECF/GMF 2008) (summary report) - Download PDF
  • “Culture and Change in Belarus” ed. by Yael Ohana, (ECF/GMF 2008) - Download PDF
  • “Culture and Change in Moldova” ed. by Yael Ohana, (ECF/GMF 2008) - Download PDF 
  • “Culture and Change in Ukraine” ed. by Yael Ohana, (ECF/GMF 2008) - Download PDF