Re:Thinking Europe - Thoughts on Europe: Past, Present and Future

What are the characteristics of European culture and identity? In which way can culture contribute to the current crisis of meaning within the EU and Europe? And should we return to the discourse of culture and historical experience in order to find a common ground for Europe? 

In the run-up to the European Culture Forum (1-3 June 2016), we have been supporting our partners De Balie and Dutch Culture in publishing the anthology Re:Thinking Europe, on these urgent questions. A host of prominent and influential thinkers such as political scientist Ivan Krastev and historian Philipp Blom
have been invited to write essays. In addition to these current day reflections, a selection of often overlooked classical texts that have proved fundamental importance for Europe have been curated.

  • Amsterdam University Press (AUP)
  • ISBN: 9789462983151
  • Release date: 31-05-2016
  • Edition: Paperback
  • Pages: 318
  • Editors: Yoeri Albrecht, Mathieu Segers