Another Europe: the Book

Since our beginnings in the 1950s, ECF has been pursuing the idea of a Europe that goes beyond historical, cultural and political borders and proposes new ways of doing things. The Europe ECF imagines extends well beyond the EU, embracing the countries that touch our borders to the east and to the south. These guiding principles run through the pages of our new publication Another Europe, which brings together a treasure trove of insights and experiences from partners and participants working with us in the European Neighbourhood over the past 15 years. 

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ECF supports the National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina

ECF has been invited to take part to the “I am the Museum” civic initiative, and our Director Katherine Watson, together with ECF Programme Manager Philipp Dietachmair, are going to Sarajevo to participate to the action “A Guarding Shift for the Museum”.  

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CPRA 2011: Cultural policy frameworks (re)constructing national and supranational identities: The Balkans and the European Union

During a time when the idea of Europe, and the EU in particular, is tainted with economic crisis and democratic decline, Aleksandar Brkić’s analysis of the role of cultural networks in helping Europe serve people is both a wake-up call for European authorities which support cultural networks and a tool for cultural networks themselves to check that they are fulfilling their European and intercultural remit as well as they should.

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The Dwarfing of Europe? Vol. 1 - Perspectives from the Balkans, Belarus, the Middle East and Asia

In this first of the series Dwarfing of Europe? publication, we turn to our neighbours for an honest view of Europe from the outside in order to boost and broaden the debate on Europe by focusing on culture. 

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Diversities in Perspective

Diversities in Perspective, essays written by Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes with the ECF, (2007/2008). These essays give a reflection on cultural cooperation between the EU and its neighbouring regions. The collection of essays is available for download in English and French.

The Heart of the Matter - The Role of the Arts and Culture in the Balkans´ European Integration,

This publication is the result of reflection which took place in 2005 and has since led to the setting up of a Balkan Incentive Fund for Culture (the Balkans Arts and Culture Fund since July 2013).

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